How To Reduce The Health Issues

by on April 19, 2017

Today most of the people are working, and they have been busy in their life to achieve success in their careers or in taking care of their families. Especially the women cannot find time to take care o them. After the certain age, they face various health issues as they neglect to consult the medical practitioners at the initial stages. Most of the women are suffering the issues like: 


  • Extreme emotions
  • High blood pressure
  • Thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • PCOD’sAfter pregnancy, they come across various physical and mental changes in their life as the body nature slowly changes depending on their habits, stress and other factors. Some people can balance their professional and family life quickly, and for some others, it cannot be possible to handle both the activities simultaneously. They come under stress and thus perfect results in serious health issues. They have to take the balanced diet with milk, eggs, and meat to become healthy physically.
  • Most of the women are not having the food they should have, and it can affect their health. Due to lack of sufficient calcium supplements to their body, they cannot be able to handle their physical health. Any small incidents can make serious issues like the bone dislocation or fractures. The impact of pressure and stress also shows adverse effects on their life. They have to consult the orthopaedic surgeon when they feel any pain or inconvenience in their joints or bones. If they neglect such issues, they have to suffer from severe pain.Small negligence can result in worse situations and to avoid such risks they should consult the doctors and have to use appropriate medication. Because of the stress and pressure, many women are suffering from obesity problems. Due to overweight, sometimes they face the joint dislocations and other issues which can make their life worse. Sometimes they become so severe that they have to go for periacetabular osteotomy which can help them in relocating their hip bones. It can happen especially after the delivery of a baby in most of the women.They need to have the help of the physiotherapist and have to stay in the hospital for two to four days to recover soon. After that also they have to work under the guidance of the physio specialist to avoid any risk factors. It is not possible for all the orthopedic experts to perform all these tasks unless they can have good experience in dealing with such issues. Not only the women but also the men are also facing with such dislocation and acute bone fractures these days.
  • By consulting the medical practitioner in time and using the appropriate medication can solve most of the health issues quickly. And for some serious problems, they have to take the expert opinion and follow the steps to avoid the risk of their lives.

Ways To Improve Efficiency In A Medical Centre

by on April 6, 2017

Medical centres often confront problems with regard to patient flow, overhead costs and improvement. The health care environment is very competitive at present and it can be difficult to maintain a medical centre if it lacks efficiency. One way a medical centre can benefit from is through improved customer satisfaction. By taking measures to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the centre, patient care will eventually improve and so will the patient flow. Here are some tips to consider to make your medical practice more efficient.

Divide the Work

For better management, functions such as keeping records of patients’ data, reception work, responding to client inquiries and coordinating with doctors should be delegated to different employees. An employee who handles all of this by himself is less likely to work efficiently. A receptionist’s job should only be to answer phone calls and provide information to patients while a medical assistant’s job would be to assist the doctor and attend to the needs of the patient. Investing on more staff can increase the productivity of the medical centre.

Do not Hire Unqualified Staff

Spending time on training employees from A to Z is a waste of time and resources. When looking to improve the efficiency of a medical centre, it is necessary to have a well-qualified workforce. Hire employees who are already familiar with the work. Nurses should ideally know how to perform common medical tasks and also be familiar with operating medical equipment such as defibrillator machines. Receptionists should have a sound knowledge in taking down appointments and coordinating with the nurses.

Resort to Machines

Rather than doing everything manually, investing on machinery can help employees perform their work faster and focus more on providing patient care. Computerizing the data is a great way to keep track of records and retrieve them instantly when needed. Invest on office equipment such as printers, fax machines, photo copy machines and scanners to speed up the documentation and bulling process. In addition, when purchasing from hospital equipment suppliers like certified Team Medical Supplies, be selective and invest on modern medical equipment.

Hold Staff Meetings

Employees are usually the backbone of any institution. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with them regularly. Keeping your nursing and secretarial staff well informed is important when looking to improve efficiency and productivity in a medical centre. During meetings, employees should be instructed on patient care and new procedures in the working environment. Meetings will also give the staff to voice their opinions and provide suggestions for improvement.

These are some ways to help a medical service run smoothly with maximum efficiency. Following these recommendations can boost productivity, increase patient flow and generate more revenue for a medical centre.