Energy Boosters For The Morning

by on May 29, 2017

‘Cleanses’ are all the rage for people when they want to make a difference in their eating habits without too much change. Did you know that there are different things you can do to boost your energy level in the mornings? It doesn’t always have to be cleanse. Here are some suggestions that you may consider for things that you can do.

Vitamin Cocktail

Too many vitamins can be bad for you but a few that your body actually requires can be good if you take them under prescription from your doctor and regularly. You can also take digestive enzyme supplements that will help your breakfast be digested faster and better, allowing the energy release to be more efficient. Take vitamin C every other day to keep away the sniffles. Vitamin B is good for your bones and overall skin and nail development. Take a calcium pill every week or so to ensure you don’t suffer from arthritis when you are older.

Breakfast Smoothies

Nobody has time anymore for a proper sit down meal in the morning. Instead, combine all of your best breakfast foods into one meal. Put in oats, yoghurt or a yoghurt drink and fruits into a blender and blend into a smoothie that will fill you up as well as be good for you. The best bit? You can have it on the go and it has 0 fat in it. Not only will you feel good, the fruits and the yoghurt will work miracles in your intestines and it even works as a natural heartburn remedy.

Protein Blast

This is the exact opposite of the smoothie. Proteins are an essential food group in your diet that is also a good choice for breakfast because it provides a lot of energy. Instead of going the organic and clean route, go for the big protein spread: do eggs, sausages, grill some fish or chicken and round it all off with some small carbs like a slice of toast or a boiled potato. You will still feel like you are on top of the world, but depending on how you prepared your protein you should be prepared for some grease in your system. If everything was fried it will taste great, but also give you a lot of oil and fats. On the other hand, the eggs can be scrambled with minimal cooking fat, sausages can be boiled and the chicken or fish can be grilled without any grease whatsoever.

Eating the right way can actually prevent a lot of medical issues and benefit you in the long run. Happy eating!